About us

At Omar Noah, we want you to look the same way you feel on the inside: colorful and unique! This is why we bring you items that are printed, embroidered, hand-embellished or all of the above in stunning designs year-round!  


We also bring you a guarantee that every experience with our boutique is a beautiful one! Our dresses are ideal for any evening, whether it's with friends or family. No two items are alike and we are adding new items to our shop every week, so stay tuned whether you're in search of something modern or classic! 


We get how much thought goes into buying clothing online, which is why we strive to make it easy for you with close-up photos and videos of each item on our social media pages. With hassle-free orders that promise quick shipping and free returns, you can rest assured you are buying from a shop that wants you to be satisfied with your every purchase! 


How it started? The name of the boutique is a combination of the names Omar and Noah wich are the founder`s boys! They both are an every day reminder that anything can be accomplished, which is why their names are on the boutique! 


We want to make Omarnoah.com your first source for clothing made in Pakistan, with all clothing orders shipped from here to U.S. We also bring a user-friendly and secure way to purchase the items you like, all the while giving you variety, quality and prices you will be happy with! Worried you won't be getting the item that you see in our photos? Don't be! All photos of our items are of the exact dresses you'll receive, each with a personalized note thanking you and a promo code for future purchases on our website! 


Feel free to email us anytime at omarnoahstore@gmail.com for comments or questions, we'll get back to you as soon as possible! And please subscribe to our newsletters through OMARNOAH.com to stay in touch with updates, news and promotions! You may also send a text message at any time to +1-919-760-0508. 



More Pictures and Videos

Not sure if you have seen enough of a suit to make a decision? No worries! Follow us on Instagram @omarnoahstore where we have posted more photos and even videos for you to get a clear idea of what you're buying!